Lunes, Hulyo 8, 2013

JLS? ♥

Is it possible to be in love at second sight? Because I think it happened to me just two days ago.

When I was on my way home, I saw a familiar face in the jeep I'm currently riding. And I realized, it was a guy who's also in my school. So there, we just sat beside each other. Me, texting; him listening to music. And through my peripheral view, I can vaguely see that he's trying to read what I type on my phone. At first, I was really texting my friends but when I'm sure that he's really peeking, I switched on the notepad and started typing something like, "This dude's really creepy." And when I try to look his way, he looks the other way.

Every now and then I can sense him looking but I just ignored it. So when I reached my destination, I shouted "Para po." but I don't think it's enough since the driver didn't hear me. And so the jeep passed maybe around ten meters from where I was supposed to go down. Awww... If you only knew. It's very irritating since I'm very tired that day. Having to go to the mall all by myself buying books. And I'm carrying nine books that time. See? I'm such a nerd. -_-

So the guy beside me shouted, "Para pu kano." And when the driver still didn't hear him, he tapped the roof of the jeep loud. Just enough for the jeep to screech in a halt.

And OMG. I can feel my heart banging loudly against my chest and if only I'm white, I assure you that I would look like a tomato that time. And I'm glad I'm not white. So what I did out of embarrassment, I climbed out of the jeep quickly without even waiting for it to stop completely.

And since that day... I can't help thinking about the guy who was sitting beside me in the jeepney. And I hope to see him soon. Maybe in the same jeepney or in our school.

And I hope he really does... well, uh... know me.

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